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Restorative Tree Care in Cedar Rapids 

Instead of Removing a Tree, We Can Make It Healthy Again

Although we have gained a great reputation around town for tree removal, it's not all that we do! As arborists, we can remove trees, but we'd love to keep them alive as long as possible. Trees are very beneficial to the environment and we work hard to keep them thriving, providing shade and oxygen as needed.

Just because your tree is showing signs that it is dying, doesn't mean that it is. Our certified arborists don't have to remove your tree if it is still alive. We can nurse it back to health using treatments, trimming, and pruning.

Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services has served the greater Cedar Rapids area for over 20 years. Our highly skilled team of arborists performs residential and commercial tree care and removal services. We consistently get high marks for our professional tree services from our highly satisfied customers.

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Our Extraordinary Tree Care Services in Cedar Rapids

Get Tree Trimming To Minimize Falling Limbs and Branches

Trimming the trees on your residential or commercial property helps keep your landscaping looking its best. It improves the overall curb appeal which is very critical if you are planning to sell your home. Trimming also helps promote healthy growth. Our skilled arborists will inspect the branches of your tree to determine which ones are at high risk for causing property damage or injury.

Upon discovering these branches and limbs, our team removes them. It is important that a skilled arborist takes on this task. We are aware of which limbs should be trimmed in order to keep the tree healthy. An amateur cutting random limbs and branches may cause damage to the tree and increase the risk of falling limbs in the long term.

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Tree Pruning Can Help Keep Your Trees Healthy

Pruning goes hand-in-hand with trimming. It trains trees to grow a certain way in order to maintain the structural integrity of the tree. It also helps to improve the health and strength of the tree. Pruning makes your landscaping look much better and, like trimming, reduces the risk that limbs will fall in the future.

When pruning trees, we look for branches that are diseased or decaying and remove them. We also look for trees with bad bark and tree branches that are competing with the tree's central branch. Freeing up various parts of the tree from unnecessary excess allows for the tree to receive more sunlight, air, and water, promoting much healthier growth.

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Tree Shaping Can Transform Your Landscaping in Cedar Rapids

Tree shaping is a way of making art of your landscaping. Your tree can be molded into shapes and patterns that improve the aesthetics of your yard. Tree shaping can be functional, too. Twisting and tying your trees together can train them to grow a certain way. Why would tree shaping be important in this instance?

If your trees are constantly interfering with your solar panel or satellite reception, training the trees to grow away from them can cut down on lots of trimming and pruning.

This is also helpful if you don't want branches constantly growing and knocking against your roof causing shingle damage.

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Add Greenery To Your Property With Planting & Transplanting

Do you live in a residential community with few trees? We can plant trees strategically in your yard to improve your curb appeal and add value to your home. Over time, your trees will grow and also add much-needed shade to your property. If you are a business and you would like to have more green space on your property in Cedar Rapids, we can also plant trees on your property.

If during the growing stage, you decide that the tree we planted will work better in another area of your property, we can transplant it. We can also transplant mature trees if their current location no longer works well with your landscaping and they are still healthy.

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Give Your Landscaping a Manicured Look With Shrub Trimming

Trimming your overgrown shrubs can work wonders at improving the aesthetic value of your yard. It will make your bushes much more healthy and can even them out if they are lopsided. Our skilled arborists remove dead and damaged branches in order to promote healthier growth.

Getting your bushes trimmed is also helpful for functional reasons. For instance, if you are having trouble seeing past them as you're driving away from your property, it's a good idea to have them cut. Trimming overgrown bushes will allow you to see pedestrians or cars as you exit to prevent an accident. Also, if your bushes are encroaching on your neighbors' property, it's a good idea to have them trimmed.

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Keep Your Old Faithful Maple Alive A While Longer With Cabling & Bracing

If you've noticed that your tree seems to be dying, our team of arborists can inspect it to be sure. Sometimes your tree, especially if it's older, may just need a little help as it ages. If the tree's branches are becoming too heavy and trimming and pruning aren't helping, we may need to cable and brace your branches to add a certain level of support. Our team will determine which tree branches are weak and insert cables to support them. The weaker part of the tree is cabled to a stronger part and the cable is tightened in order to minimize movement until the tree is strong again.

Are you worried that your tree is structurally compromised but you aren't quite ready to part ways with it? Reach out to one of our highly skilled arborists and we will be able to determine if we can save your tree through cabling and bracing tree care in Cedar Rapids.

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Revive Dying Trees With Tree Disease Treatment

If you have many fallen branches in your yard, then you may assume that your tree is dying. In some cases, it may be true that the tree is dead or dying. However, most of the time, the tree may be suffering from a disease. Your tree may be inundated with fungus and other bacteria that may be depriving your tree of nutrients. As a result, limbs and branches may be falling off your tree.

Our team of arborists will inspect your tree to determine why you are losing branches. If we discover that there is a disease present, we will apply a fungicide to eliminate the tree infection.

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