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Have you inherited a home that has a tree stump in the yard? Or have you recently had tree removal services but didn't get stump removal because it would incur an extra fee? Well, now is the time to seriously consider tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids. 

For over 20 years, we have been removing harmful trees from residential and commercial properties. We have also removed stumps using one of our stump removal services. Removing your protruding stump from your property will make your property look great in no time. Additionally, we use quality techniques to remove your stump and roots and clear it for new grass or any other project you plan.

Call us today to learn why you should get tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids and get your free estimate. 

tree stump removal Cedar Rapids
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Why Getting Rid of Stumps is the Right Move

Is keeping a tree stump on your property really a problem? After all, isn't the tree stump dead? These are probably some questions you have about tree stumps. Believe it or not, these little protruding tree parts can cause more problems for you than it's worth. Here are some reasons you should consider getting tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids.

  • Tree stump removal will prevent injuries from slips and falls on your property.
  • Getting rid of tree stumps can minimize the chances of attracting damaging pests. 
  • Removing the stump will minimize the chances of the tree growing back.
  • Tree stump removal will keep roots from continuing to grow and damage pipes and your foundation.
  • Removing a stump prevents disease from spreading to the rest of your yard.

These are just a few significant reasons you should consider getting tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids. Let's discuss removing your stump. Call today!

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Get Tree Stump Removal After a Major Weather Event

High winds, ice storms, and other unfavorable weather can occasionally knock a tree over on your property. Luckily, when this happens, we can provide emergency tree removal services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our tree removal services only include removing the trees and the limbs. If you want tree stump removal for your Cedar Rapids home or business, you must get this service separately.

Many home and business owners opt to wait to get this service. However, we recommend that when you get tree removal services, you get stump removal around the same time. This will minimize any problems with pests and reduce the chances of injuries for guests or customers on your property.

Suppose you've recently experienced a weather emergency. Call Cedar Rapids Tre Removal Services today.

tree stump removal Cedar Rapids
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Let Us Care For and Remove Your Trees

Many assume that tree companies only make yards look good or remove trees. But we do these things and more! And our tree company is one of the most trusted companies in the local area to handle all your tree care needs and issues. 

For over 20 years, our locally-owned businesses have provided tree services in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas. We use the latest techniques for tree removal and ensure that we remain safe as we safely remove your trees or work on trimming and pruning them. We are licensed and insured and guarantee our work. In addition to easy stump removal in Cedar Rapids IA, here are some other services we offer that you may need.

  • Trimming and Pruning
  • Tree disease treatment and pest control
  • Shrub care and removal
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Limb and branch removal
  • The lot and land clearing

No matter how big or small your tree or tree project is, we can help! So call today to learn more about these and our other tree care options. And don't forget to keep an eye on our tree blog for more information about tree care services. 



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"Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services was safety conscious and notably skilled, answering all my meticulous questions. They removed my diseased, dying trees and ground the stump and roots. I highly recommend you use this company for your tree removal services!"
- Lana D.

Do You Need Tree Removal or Tree Care Services?

Would you like to get a tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool or some other recreational item installed on your property? Chances are you will need a company like us to remove the trees and vegetation from your land so that these companies can proceed with installation. Likewise, if you are a business in the local area and are developing land for homes, apartments, or commercial purposes, you can count on us to clear the land and provide excavation services. To learn more about our lot and land clearing, call today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote. 

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