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Some people think that performing tree removal in Cedar Rapids is a DIY task. However, from 20 years of experience in the tree care industry, we know it is pretty dangerous. Not only can you damage your property, but you can also injure yourself severely. We understand how difficult it is to remove certain trees and come prepared with the proper equipment to remove all kinds of trees. While you may be tempted to perform this task DIY or hire amateurs, we suggest that you stick to hiring the pros for tree removal or any other type of tree care.

Our professional Cedar Rapids arborists perform various tree tasks, including trimming, pruning, shaping, shrub trimming, and disease treatments. Additionally, we deliver high-quality tree removal services.

If you need tree removal, trust the professionals! Contact Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services today to get a quote on our tree services in nearby cities.

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Benefits of Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids

Removing bad trees protects property and keeps you safe.

Our arborists must try to save trees. However, there are times when it is necessary to remove trees from your property. For commercial customers, it is essential to remove harmful trees to prevent legal action from damage to property or injury. Here are some other beneficial reasons for getting tree removal in Cedar Rapids for residential customers.

  • Keeping the tree may cause harm to other trees due to the spread of disease
  • It protects your family and property from harm
  • Local brush fires from lightning strikes are minimized
  • The tree is dead
  • Local businesses need to expand
  • It creates better curb appeal for homeowners

Although our first line of defense in the tree business is to keep trees alive, we realize that some trees aren't safe. Therefore, we suggest that you consider tree removal to avoid hazards. Call us today for a FREE estimate on tree removal services.

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Types of Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids

We Can Help You Remove a Fallen Tree 

Trees fall on your property for various reasons. One of the most common is that the weather has knocked it down. High winds or ice storms can easily topple a tree. However, sometimes you may wake up to find a tree has fallen on your property, but no storm has blown through. In such cases, your tree may have suffered from structural damage caused by infestations or lack of pruning.

Whatever the reason for needing fallen tree removal in Cedar Rapids on your property, we will work diligently to help get the tree off your property. We can also help you file a claim with your insurance company if your tree has caused damage to your property.

Do you need us to remove your fallen tree from your property? Call today to schedule an appointment and get a FREE estimate on our services.

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Is a Small Tree Removal Worth it?

A small tree on your property can't possibly cause trouble, right? But unfortunately, size doesn't dictate destructive power when it comes to trees. So while a small tree may seem like it shouldn't cause much trouble, it can be at the heart of many problems on your property. You may require small tree removal in Cedar Rapids.

For one, it may be encroaching on your neighbor's property, causing damages to their fences, or other types of problems. Another problem that small trees cause is pest problems. Pine trees are constantly bombarded with all kinds of pests, which may eventually cause an infestation in your home. Still another issue is that small trees roots may interfere with your foundation or even buckle your sidewalk. Essentially, your small tree may be more trouble than it's worth.

Are you ready to get rid of your small tree now before it causes big problems later? Contact us today for a FREE quote on small tree removal in Cedar Rapids.

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Keep Your Property Safe With Large Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids, IA

Large, majestic trees can live for hundreds of years. They usually don't cause many problems and are typically independent. However, there are times when your large tree may become structurally compromised prompting the need for large tree removal in Cedar Rapids.

For instance, your tree may have been struck by lightning and has started developing a fungus infection that is eating away at your tree. Additionally, a particular type of bug may have discovered your tree and started developing colonies of other bugs within it that are eroding the tree. In some cases, we can treat your large tree using our tree disease treatments. However, if the pests or fungi have caused irreparable damage, we encourage you to remove your tree to avoid collapse.

Call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on tree removal in Cedar Rapids to get started with removing your large tree on your property.

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Do You Have a Tree Emergency  That Needs Our Attention?

Has a tree fallen on your house after a major storm? Or did your tree collapse on your car for no apparent reason? If so, you will need our emergency tree removal services. We dispatch our arborists for emergencies 24/7. So contact us right away with your tree removal emergency, and we will be there as soon as possible to dislodge your tree from your home or car.

There is nothing a homeowner can do to prevent fallen trees in some cases. For example, if lightning strikes and knocks the tree onto your property, there is no way to avoid this. However, there are times when keeping up with regular maintenance on the trees on your property can prevent tree emergencies. For instance, some trees that fall seemingly for no reason are suffering from some disease or infestation. In addition, establishing a relationship with an arborist can help you prevent tree collapse from structural damage. Usually, we can spot such trees and encourage you to remove them before they do damage.

If you need emergency tree removal in Cedar Rapids, call us. If we determine that you have a tree emergency, one of our reliable arborists will help you immediately resolve your tree emergency.

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Is It Time for White Oak Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids?

White oak trees are common in this area. They can reach high heights and can live for centuries. Unfortunately, if your tree is dying or is structurally compromised, it may need Cedar Rapids oak tree removal.

There can be many reasons why your tree is structurally compromised. One reason could be that your tree has never gotten the proper trimming and pruning. In addition, an overgrowth of branches and trees may have caused the tree canopy to be heavier than the trunk can support.

Another problem with your trees is that fungus or pests may be destroying your tree. Compromised trees may collapse at any given time. Therefore, we suggest you remove it soon as possible.

If you are ready to get rid of your white oak, call us today to get a FREE quote on our removal service.

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