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At Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services, we do our job so well that we make it look simple enough for anyone to do. Don’t be deceived. This is not a job for wannabe tree service amateurs. Tree removal is dangerous for those who don't know what they're doing. Tree removal services are not just about climbing a tree and haphazardly removing branches. Our Cedar Rapids arborists have years of training, and we know the best way to remove a tree safely.

Do you need tree service in Cedar Rapids for your residential or commercial property? Contact one of our experts now for a free estimate.

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Our Extraordinary Cedar Rapids Tree Services

Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids is Essential for Your Property

Our company performs numerous types of services for tree removal in Cedar Rapids. Some of our most common tree removals are emergency removal and fallen tree removal. Customers call us for this type of tree removal when a tree has fallen on their house or property. On the other hand, sometimes trees are removed with the notion of being proactive. Usually, a customer is concerned about a tree because branches are falling from after a wind or rain storm. Based on this concern, we assess your tree to see if it is healthy and then proceed to remove the tree if it is diseased or structurally unsound. Being proactive about Cedar Rapids tree removal allows us to keep clients and their property safe before a devastating collapse, which could result in injury, loss of property, or loss of life.

Are you ready to establish your regular tree maintenance so that you can minimize damages from dead or diseased trees? Contact one of our tree experts today to schedule your tree health assessment.

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When Tree Cutting is the Best Option for You

As experienced arborists, we strive to make sure that your trees are healthy at all times to minimize damage to your property and to prevent loss of life. Usually, we do this by assessing your tree, trimming and pruning it, and treating it for pests or disease when necessary. However, there comes a time when tree cutting in Cedar Rapids is the best option because trees no longer respond effectively to pruning, trimming, or treatments.

We suggest that you have your tree cut down when it is putting your home in danger. Do you need tree cutting services in Cedar rapids? Contact one of our arborists to inspect your tree and provide a free quote.

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Are Your Roots Above Ground? Consider Tree Root Removal in Cedar Rapids

Sometimes homeowners think that exposed tree roots aren’t a big deal, but it can become a massive problem in the long run. Not only could it cause damages to your property, but tree roots encroaching on your neighbor’s property or city property can cause damages. Unruly tree roots can also be the source of plumbing or foundation problems with your home. These seemingly innocent parts of the tree can cause thousands of structural damage if left unchecked.

Don’t let uncontrollable roots destroy your yard or your neighbor’s property. Contact one of our arborists immediately to get a quote on Cedar Rapids tree root removal.

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Do You Need Tree Branch Removal in Cedar Rapids?

Not all homeowners are well-informed about tree branch removal in Cedar Rapids. Every part of a tree is essential to its growth and health. From the roots to the branches, every aspect of the tree should remain intact to avoid problems with the tree’s growth and to minimize the possibility of collapse due to structural damage. However, sometimes a tree needs to have limbs and branches removed. The most common reason to remove tree branches and limbs is that they are dead or decaying. Dead branches and limbs can spread to healthier parts of the tree, or they can fall on your property and damage it. This is why we remove these parts of the tree. Branch and limb removal is not something that can be done haphazardly by an amateur. They must be removed by a professional to keep the tree healthy and to avoid injury.

Do you suspect that you have dead tree branches or limbs that need to be removed? Contact one of our tree experts for a free estimate.

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Critical Stump Removal for Your Cedar Rapids Home

Even though tree stumps appear harmless, did you know that dangerous critters can live in them? One of the most dangerous things that thrive on tree stumps is fungus and mold. These growths can be detrimental to your pets or small children's health. In this instance, tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids may be warranted. Furthermore, tree stumps can also harbor undesirable pests such as rodents, termites, or venomous spiders. Unchecked root growth can result in unsightly landscaping problems and can also create structural damages.

Why let an old tree stump continue to cause problems for you? Contact one of our tree professionals today to discuss stump removal from your yard. 

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Receive Shrub Removal Services For a Beautified Landscape

Shrubs can add a tremendous amount of beauty to your landscape and can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. However, if the shrub is dead or unhealthy, it can hinder your home’s curb appeal. Shrub removal in Cedar Rapids can be an easy solution. Suppose your shrubs have not gotten the proper attention they deserve over the years. In this case, it could also become a nest for unwanted pests and critters that can cause problems for your home’s foundation.

Don’t let an unruly shrub hold you or your yard hostage! Get back to enjoying your home’s landscape. Call one of our arborists today for a free quote for shrub removal.

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The Cedar Rapids Commercial Tree Services You Need!

While most of our services are residential, we provide commercial tree services as well. Commercial properties need landscaping to be trimmed and pruned regularly to attract customers and make them feel welcome. Occasionally a tree may need to be removed from commercial property to avoid liability from damages to a customer or a customer’s property.

Our tree services company also provides land clearing services for builders who need land cleared for commercial use and for agriculturalists who need space to grow resources. Do you need your commercial tree services in Cedar Rapids? Contact one of our tree experts today.

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Our Tree Service Areas in Iowa

Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services has provided tree care, tree removal, emergency tree removal services, and land clearing to residents and businesses for 20 years. We offer tree services in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, Mt. Vernon, and Center Point, Iowa. If you need tree care or removal services in or around Cedar Rapids IA, contact us today for a free quote.

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