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Top Cedar Rapids Tree Services

Tree care including trimming and pruning
Tree, stump, shrub and root removal services are top-rated in Iowa
Land clearing for commercial and agricultural use

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We love the satisfaction that our tree services bring our customers
Our qualified arborists love trees and work hard to preserve them
We value your life and property and want to protect it from dangerous trees

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We have been in business for 20 years
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Our Tree Service Company Proudly Serves Cedar Rapids Residents & Businesses

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a haven for nature lovers. There are lots of parks, trails, and recreational areas to enjoy. Our tree service strives to be an essential part of this nature-loving community, preserving its beautiful landscape with each tree and shrub we maintain. Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services has served the tree service needs of Cedar Rapids and the surrounding towns of Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, Mt. Vernon, and Center Point, Iowa, for 20 years.

We provide tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, shrub trimming, planting, transplanting, cabling & bracing, tree disease treatment, and pest control. Our Cedar Rapids tree removal company works hard to preserve trees' lives, but when they are diseased or structurally damaged, we must remove them. We provide tree removal services including tree cutting, root removal, limb and branch removal, stump removal, and shrub removal.

Our team also offers commercial tree service and land clearing. Do you need one of our certified arborist to inspect the trees' health on your residential or commercial property? Contact one of our Cedar Rapids tree specialists for a free estimate today.

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Transforming landscapes one tree at a time.

Our Top-Notch Tree Services in Cedar Rapids

Keeping trees maintained and removing dead ones when necessary can do wonders for your property. Trimming branches and shrubs can drastically change the appearance of your home, giving it more curb appeal. Our Cedar Rapids arborists are ready to make your home beautiful with our spectacular tree services.

Tree Removal

At Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services, we strive to keep the trees healthy and thriving. However, if trees pose a threat to life or property, we remove them with tree removal in Cedar Rapids.

Tree Care

Our arborists want to preserve the eco-systems in Cedar Rapids by keeping trees and shrubs as healthy as possible. We offer a variety of tree care options to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Land Clearing

Our primary responsibility is to preserve the life of trees. However, we must also keep in mind that new properties require clear land. We provide land clearing services for all regions.
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Our Cedar Rapids Tree Service - How it Works!

Of all the inspections you need for your home, a tree assessment should be one of your priorities.  Customers fail to realize how destructive trees can be until they fall on their homes or property.  Having tree health assessments performed regularly can prevent catastrophic problems from trees. Here is what to expect when you contact our friendly tree service!

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The first step in the process is to schedule an appointment for one of our arborists to come to your home or business and inspect the trees on your property. We work around your schedule so you don't need to stress!
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Step 2


After scheduling your appointment, we will come to your property and survey the health of your trees. Our arborists assess your trees for decay, structural damage, disease, soil issues, and various other issues impacting health.
Step 3


Once we assess your trees' health, we determine which tree service is needed and provide you with a detailed estimate. When you approve the services, our arborists schedule another day to return to your property to do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most homeowners only utilize tree services when an emergency takes place on their property. However, did you know that you can use our tree care services to prevent tree problems and avoid your property being ruined by trees? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our tree services. Visit our tree service blog for additional information.

Do I only need a tree service when a tree falls on my property?

Although most customers call us primarily when there is an emergency, we suggest that you try a much more proactive approach to tree care. To avoid catastrophic events, it is best to include tree assessments on your list of essential home inspections. Our tree service can ensure that trees on your property are healthy, so you don’t have to worry about falling branches or trees.

Besides tree care and tree removal, what other services do you provide?

Another major service that we provide is land clearing. This service is mostly offered to commercial builders and agriculturalists who need large land plots for building or farming projects. However, if you need land cleared on private property, we can also help.

How often should I have the trees on my property inspected?

We suggest that you have your trees inspected every 3 to 5 years. However, if you are concerned about any tree on your property for any reason, don’t hesitate to call and receive an assessment sooner. It's always better to be proactive about tree maintenance and inspections.

Our Exceptional Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services

Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services has been serving the greater Cedar Rapids area for 20 years. We provide tree care, tree removal, and tree clearing services for both residential and commercial customers. One of our most popular services is our tree removal services and each of them is listed below.

Cedar Rapids Tree Cutting Services Keep Your Property Clean & Clear of Tree Debris

The arborists at Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services strive to preserve the life of trees at all costs, however, tree cutting may be necessary. However, when trees pose a threat to life or property, we must remove the tree from the residential or commercial property to remove the risk. Our trained professionals will remove the tree from the premises in the safest possible manner. We will also clean up our mess once we are finished.  

Do you need our tree cutting services in or around Cedar Rapids? Contact one of our experts today for a free quote.
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A professional arborist cutting a tree - tree service in Cedar Rapids, IA
Exposed tree roots in Cedar Rapids, IA

Minimize Unsightly Tree Roots with Our Tree Root Removal Service

We find that most residents are not handling tree root removal in Cedar Rapids correctly. Exposed tree roots can be problematic for homeowners, but they might not be aware of it. Some ignore the issue and others try to fix the issue by either burying the roots with soil or cutting the roots. Both of these approaches are the wrong way to deal with exposed tree roots. Ignoring the exposed roots could lead to costly damage to you or your neighbor’s property in the long-run. Trying to remedy the problem yourself by placing soil over the roots can suffocate the roots and lead to tree decay or disease and possibly tree collapse.

Instead of resorting to either one of these options, why not choose the professional option? Contact the arborists at Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services for quality tree root removal in Cedar Rapids.
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Get Safe Limb & Branch Removal in Cedar Rapids with Our Expert Arborists

Some homeowners may try to save money by hiring amateurs for limb and branch removal in Cedar Rapids. They may even try to remove branches and limbs themselves as a "weekend DIY project."  However, this may do more harm than good. Removing branches from trees is more than getting a chainsaw, climbing up a tree, and hacking away. 

Professional arborists make precise cuts in specific areas of the tree, making sure that healthier parts of the tree remain intact. Amateurs may cut healthy parts of the tree, and this can cause long-term structural damage to the tree or worse, kill the tree. 

Instead of letting unprofessional tree cutters remove trees and branches for you, contact us for Cedar Rapids tree service. Our locally owned company provides high quality and professional services for property owners.
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Arborists removing limbs and branches in Cedar Rapids, IA
A stump requiring removal in Cedar Rapids, IA

Stump Removal Keeps Diseases & Pests at Bay

If you think a tree stump is a harmless, creative addition to your yard, you're incorrect. Stumps can be harmful if you don't receive essential tree stump removal in Cedar Rapids. Stumps can create a trip hazard in your yard for yourself, your children, or your guests. Furthermore, stumps can house all kinds of annoying pests or become hazardous due to fungus, mold, and bacteria growth.

Why not just remove the stump? Our expert arborists are ready to provide you with a free quote for your Cedar Rapids stump removal.


Cedar Rapids Shrub Removal Improves Curb Appeal & Increases Yard Space

Adding a shrub to your yard can do a lot to transform the curb appeal of your home. However, if the shrub is dying or diseased, this once-gorgeous addition to your yard can become a huge eyesore if you don't invest in shrub removal in Cedar Rapids. 

Our arborists will work hard to revive your shrubs to bring back life and beauty to them. But if the damage is beyond repair, you may need to consider removing the shrubs. This will increase space and improve curb appeal by eliminating the brown, dead foliage from your yard. Are you ready to remove that unsightly shrub? Contact one of our tree professionals for the tree service you need in Cedar Rapids.
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An arborist trimming shrubs in Cedar Rapids, IA
Commercial tree services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Providing Professional Commercial Tree Service Cedar Rapids IA

Homes aren’t the only place where our tree services are needed. Commercial customers rely on our tree services as well. Business districts, which are usually full of concrete and glass are brought to life by our trees and shrubs which give life to an otherwise drab environment. We also provide land clearing services for developers who need space to build new businesses or homes.

Are you a business that is interested in our commercial tree services in Cedar Rapids?  Contact us now for a free estimate. 


Contact Us for Tree Service - Cedar Rapids, IA & Nearby Areas

Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services has proudly served Cedar Rapids and the surrounding community for 20 years.  Our certified and highly trained arborists are able to care for and remove trees in both commercial and residential areas. We serve the following Iowa service areas:

Cedar Rapids
Mt. Vernon
Center Point
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Don’t Let a Fallen Tree Ruin Your Property, Receive Essential Tree Services!

The tree experts at Cedar Rapids Tree Removal Services can inspect your trees for disease or decay so that you don’t have to fear of a tree falling on your property. Contact us now for a free quote.
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